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Summer appoaches and we are making a run for it, in the BMO Vancouver Marathon


The Vancouver Marathon is held every year on the first Sunday in May. A running distance of 26 miles. The race started in 1972 when a small group of 46 runners ran five loops of Stanley Park completed the first Vancouver International Marathon (known as Lions Gate Road Runners International Marathon). The marathon grew over the next few years to 300 participants in 1977. However the event suffered a major setback in 1976 when a participant, Dr. Leslie Truelove, collapsed mid-race and died due to an aneurysm. In Truelove’s memory, the Dr. Leslie Truelove Memorial Trophy has been awarded ever since to the first male finisher in the 50+ age category.
The 1983 race became known as the “Long Marathon” after runners were misdirected during its running — adding an extra 561 yards to the race.

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