Blue Horizon Hotel

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The Community

The hotel lies at the junction of the West End and downtown and is bounded by water on three side, English bay, Coal Harbour and Lost Lagoon in world famous Stanley Park. Recreational amenities are located within walking distance for residents of this high density area.  The West End is a livable neighborhood that is home to a unique mix of people and places. Its a community that features a range of housing, land use, heritage buildings, transportation options, and amenities.

Diversity in the West End extends to different areas with the neighborhood itself. Davie Street – also known as Davie Village – is predominately young, trendy and gay, whereas the area closer to Stanley Park and Denman Street is more family-orientated and older-generation. The neighborhood has an entirely different feel on the either side of Bute Street, a demarcation between quiet and residential on the west side and the bustle and noise of Downtown’s business and shopping districts on the east.